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VP. Vaseekaran


I am detail oriented and passionate with 9 years of experience across various Healthcare Organizations. I have successfully provided services as a Certified Organ Transplant Coordinator, Surgery Associate, Hospital Administrator and Executive Manager; with the aim to build a rapport and stronger collaboration between the OPO and Transplant Centers. My primary focus is to create and implement effective strategies – that serve the transplant community needs in order to optimize organs for recovery and transplantation. I can responsibly analyse recovery and transplant data, collecting it routinely, and provide it to Transplant Centre departments and at transplant / hospital quality meetings. In an effort to improve customer relations between the OPO and Transplant centres, I have worked as the first point of contact for all Transplant Centre communications, concerns/complaints and inquiries related to the transplant and organ allocation. I was recognized for coordinating and conducting the First Kidney Transplant in Zambia Africa and as the youngest person to assist Multi-organ Transplant in Chennai. I am proud to say I step forward with thorough skills in organizing and raising funds for the economically challenged organ failure patients.


  • May 2010 – April 2012
    Physician Assistant
    Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, India
  • June 2012 – January 2013
    Surgery Associate & Coordinator
    Global Health Care Solutions, Delhi, India
  • February 2013 – December 2014
    Physician Assistant & Coordinator
    Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Chennai India
  • January 2015 – March 2016
    Head Physician Assistant & Coordinator
    Saroj Super Speciality Hospital,
    Delhi India
  • March 2016 – July 2017
    Surgery Associate and Coordinator
    GG Super Speciality Hospital, Chennai, India
  • September 2017 – July 2018
    Surgery Associate and Transplant Administrator
    NIMS Hospital and University, Rajasthan India
  • September 2018 – January 2019
    Surgery Associate & Coordinator
    Ministry of Health University Teaching Hospital, Zambia
  • February 2019 – Present
    Surgery Associate and Executive Manager – Multiorgan Transplant
    Gem Hospital, Chennai, India


Well-rounded training and experience in medicine, biostatistics, health economics and outcomes research, gained essential skills and knowledge in diverse outcomes research-related tasks. Hence, adept in proposal / protocol / manuscript writing, statistical and economic analysis and other outcomes related projects in observational studies as well as clinical trials. Deftly handles and champions high end departments, streamlining processes for multi organ transplant, stretching across liver and kidney which needs enormous coordination and execution. Offers refined expertise in clinical, operational, strategic, and cultural leadership necessary to deliver care that is high-value (cost, quality, and patient experience) across the continuum of care. As a transplant coordinator, he remains involved in practically every aspect of organ procurement (getting the organ from the donor) and transplantation, also playing the role of a procurement and clinical coordinator.


  • Law and Transplant Ethics
  • Multi Organ Transplant
  • Grief Counsellor
  • Counselling and Guidance
  • Donor Selection
  • Multi Organ Retrieval
  • Living Donation
  • Patient Care

JCI Compliance | Hospital Administration | Medical Operations Management Vendor Management | Stock Control & Equipment Management


Leveraging on education received and experience gained, skilful and proficient in the following areas:

  • Law and Transplant Ethics
  • Assist Doctors during Diagnosis/Treatment/Surgery
  • Executive Manager (Multi Organ Transplant)
  • Brain Death Diagnosis and Concept
  • Grief Counselling
  • Donor Selection
  • Multi Organ Retrieval
  • Care and Follow up for Donor and Recipient Families
  • Living Donation
  • Post-Transplant Follow up
  • Transplant of Human Organs Act
  • Legal Aspect of Real-Life cases
  • Networking with NGO
  • Organize paperwork regarding license required for Multi Organ Transplant.
  • Patient Admission & Discharge
  • Patients – Care & Documentation
  • Handling Pre-OP and Post-OP orders for Liver and Kidney Transplant.
  • First Assistant in Transplant for both donor and recipient.
  • Handling OT & ICU equipment like cell saver, CUSA, rapid Infuser pumps, monitors, etc.
  • Handling Pre-Transplant Evaluation and Post-Transplant Management
  • Documentation, Reporting and Corporate Communication


  • Coordinated and executed the first kidney transplant for Zambia on the national day and also implemented the transplant act for the government of Zambia
  • Obtained license for Multi Organ Transplant in various institutions
  • Participated in Allied Health Science Research Education | SRMU & RI.
  • Organized Hepatitis camp on world hepatitis day – SRMU & RI Chennai.
  • Delegate – MCLD conference| Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre (Institute of Liver Disease & Transplantation)
  • Lifetime member of Indian Association of Physician Assistance.
  • Transplant coordinator / Guest Lecturer -Trained nurses and administrative officers | Gem Hospital, Chennai & Coimbatore.




  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Internal Control Improvement
  • Crafting New Strategies
  • Processes and Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance


Hospital Administration

    Leads development and implementation of facility strategy

  • Develops and implements strategy which leads to improvement in market share consistent with mission and core values of the company.
  • Use data to analyze market dynamics, trend and competition, implement strategies to meet market demand
  • Assesses market development strategy and industry trends as appropriate, leading to the generation of innovative ideas to improve current business plan and achieve desired results.
  • Demonstrates exceptional financial management and analytical skills while leading the annual business planning process and preparing forecasts.
  • Establishes and influences others to achieve goals, targets and metrics consistent with strategic and operational objectives.

    Leads senior executive team in advancing the facility’s short- and long-term strategic plans.

  • Works in collaboration with cross functional leaders to develop strategic service lines ensuring physician engagement to achieve desired results in quality, service, operations and financial metrics.
  • Understands all operational components necessary to implement a new or expand a current service line, including but not limited to capital, equipment, people, education, quality metrics and costs.
  • Monitors, understands and assesses service line performance by key performance indicators (volume, outcomes, market shares, etc.).
  • Gathers competitive intelligence from the community on service line opportunities.

    Leads an effective patient engagement plan & partners to ensure improvement in patient experience

  • Executes effective marketing plans that differentiate services based on quality, service, and/or outcomes and have measurable positive ROI.
  • Leads efforts towards consumer education around care options and collectively enhances patient experience.
  • Serves on the patient advisory, physician leadership group and patient satisfaction committees.
  • Leads an effective consumer engagement strategy, within budgeted guidelines, that creates differentiation and awareness in the facility’s market.

    Propels operational direction and management oversight

  • Provides leadership, direction, and support to the continued development of strategic initiatives, including business plans to support these initiatives
  • Delivers outstanding customer service and develops strong relationships with executives, directors, and all other leadership positions across the organization
  • Identifies and resolves problems quickly and appropriately, and ensures communication is maximized throughout departments
  • Presents support to senior leadership in setting the strategic and financial direction for the hospital
  • Cultivates and grows the competencies of the Support Services and Business Operations management team through team

    Transplant Coordination – Operations

  • Coordinate in-hospital transplant services, assists organ donors and medical staff in organ retrieval for patients undergoing organ or tissue transplantation They shall assist and guide patients and their families through the transplant process, from evaluation through postoperative outpatient care
  • Provide instruction and education about transplantation to patients and their families and will serve as a link that connects all health care professionals involved in patients care
  • Communicate with donors, patients and health team members to ensure comprehensive documentation, including taking part in the informed consent of potential organ donor and transplant recipient, and options to the access of treatment alternatives
  • Statistically analyze medical data of potential and done cases of organ donations and transplant recipients from medical records
  • Coordinate with the in-hospital services and counsel recipient and donor to alleviate anxieties and assist recipient and donor throughout procedure
  • Ensure completion of all the paper work formalities for organ donation and that the files are complete in all respect as per the text of documents as required by authorization Committee Act rules and procedure
  • Ensure that the patients, donor and consultants are duly informed regarding the original documents required at the date and time of authorization committee meeting

    Transplant Execution & Management

  • Assisting doctors as first assistant during Transplant surgery and performing major procedures; Cadaver retrievals, live Liver Transplants, Kidney Transplants, HPB surgeries and placement of the grafts.
  • Handling post-op care for Transplanted patients with the guidance of consultants; daily rounds, assessment of the patient’s condition, reviewing drug charts, wound care and JCI compliance.
  • Facilitating the scheduling of studies or procedures for diagnostic purposes utilizing fiscal responsibility for patient and hospital costs.
  • Providing advanced care for patients before and after solid-organ transplantation including heart, kidney, pancreas, liver and along the continuum of outpatient to inpatient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Experiential knowledge of legality involved in Transplants and also in-patient counselling and coordination for Transplants.
  • Decreasing the hospital length of stay by intervening early in the discharge process to impact timely discharge.
  • Escalating admission issues and problems according to the established procedures to ensure timely resolution.
  • Developing and maintaining an extensive knowledge of the organ transplant services and the in-house support provided by FMS and within the community.
  • Reviewing testing, differentiates between normal/abnormal findings and following standard practice for abnormal findings, which includes further diagnostic testing or referral to consulting physicians as per customary pattern of the collaborating physician.
  • Clinically assessing and monitoring live organ donors.
  • Identifying complications related to organ transplantation: infection, immunosuppressive therapy, post-transplant diabetes.
  • Dictating and coordinating all preoperative testing and forwarding to the appropriate facility.
  • Managing workload and expanded role in the perioperative setting which includes the intraoperative performance of surgical first assistant technique:
    • Providing surgical site exposure.
    • Providing haemostasis by means of clamping vessels, coagulating, and ligating vessels.
    • Participating in staff and student development.
    • Complying with established standards.
  • Acting as a Grief Counsellor to Donor families.

    Stock Control and Equipment Management

  • Working with the on-site team to ensure adequate stock control processes are in place and that equipment is available as required.
  • Ensuring adequate processes are in place; traceability of stock levels, maintenance of equipment records and reliability of re-order systems.
  • Managing stock and equipment issues and resolution liaising with key stakeholders at the Company and at third party Vendor’s.
  • Checking and monitoring the drug inventory control system.
  • Ensuring smooth operation of the preventive maintenance program for all equipments.
  • Maintaining Critical Life Support Medical Equipment and documenting all checks in the maintenance log and reporting any issues.


  • 2004-2009 | Sri Ramachandra Medical College & research institute, Chennai India | B.Sc. in Allied Health Sciences (Gastroenterology)
  • 2011-2012 | Mohan Foundation (Govt Approved) Chennai India | Diploma in Transplant Coordinator and Grief Counseling
  • 2016-2017 | NIBM (National Institute of Business Management) Chennai India | MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management


  • Basic Life Support Academy for Clinical Training | TACT
  • CME Organ Transplant and Liver Diseases | SRMU & RI Chennai.
  • Monthly CME in Digestive Health and Disease; Scored ‘Five Points’ under category 2B.
  • Workshop of Soft Skills | SRMU & RI Chennai.
  • ‘Annual Transplant Coordinators’ workshop | Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network


  • Dr.M.R. Rajasekar M.S, FRCS, MD, Fellow in Transplantation (USA) | Specialist in GI, HPB surgery & Transplantation | Director: Global Healthcare solutions Pvt Ltd
    Mobile: +91 9677292848 | Email:
  • Dr.Raghu Varadarajan M.Ch, FRCS(Ed), Fellowship in Transplantation (USA) | Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Chennai
    Mobile: +91 9840415691 | Email:
  • Dr.Ravinder Pal Singh MS MCh Fellowship (Liver & Multivesicular Transplant) | Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
    Mobile:9811217164 | Email:
  • Dr. SwaminathanSambandam MS, MRCS (Edin), Fellowship in Transplantation (USA)
    Mobile: 9940329376 | Email: | Fax:+91 4445928639
  • Dr.S.Kumarakrishnan MS DNB ., FRCS (Glasgow) Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist | Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
    Mobile:9600147810 | Email:
  • Dr.Ankur A Gupta MS,FIAGES,FMAS,ASTS Fellowship in Transplant & Hepatobiliary (USA) | NIMS Medical College, Jaipur
    Mobile:9828024105 | Email:
  • Dr.Soundappan MS MRCS (Edin), DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology) | Fellowship in LIVER TRANSPLANT | Mobile: 9619961501