Uterus Preserving Surgeries

Uterus Preserving Surgeries


Separating the fibroid from the uterus is an even more challenging procedure than removing the uterus as a whole, it might lead to increased blood loss and prolonged surgery. Doing an open myomectomy can be done anywhere, but the benefits of minimally invasive myomectomy is proven and more beneficial for the patients. Laparoscopy and Robotic myomectomy allows the surgeon to see the fibroids and the dissection plane at good magnification, hence the best surgical dissection is possible. Therefore the blood loss will be less when compared to open surgery. In our centre we have done hundreds of myomectomies successfully.


Robotic myomectomy is a minimally invasive surgery to remove the fibroids. It has lesser blood loss, short hospital stay, faster recovery and better cosmetic results compared to traditional open myomectomy.

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