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Gastroenterology Hospital in Chennai

The department was established in 2002 at GEM hospital, Coimbatore. Being the best Gastroenterology hospital in Coimbatore, the involvement of the physician gastroenterologist with the Surgical counterparts was essential for the overall patient care.

Gem Hospital provides the most advanced technology and the best services available in treating medical Gastroenterology related problems. Gem Hospital has its Gastroenterology treatment centre with the best Gastroenterologist in India. All the treatments are performed using the latest technology. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of Gem Hospitals.

Gem Medical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

From those initial days, the Department has grown from to the current strength both as a clinical and an academic centre of Excellence under the able mentorship of Chief. The department boasts one of the highest Quantity and Quality of diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic procedures in TamilNadu at affordable costs to the masses.

  • The 24 *7 Emergency Endoscopy services and ICU Facilities have enabled the management of Acute Emergencies like GI bleeding with the best outcomes.
  • The state of Art Endoscopic Equipment’s includes HD endoscopes, ERCP, Endoscopic Ultrasound, High-Resolution Manometry, Motility Lab, Biofeedback lab, 24 hr Ph, and Impedance studies.
  • The Liver transplant program has added Hope and Care to the ever-increasing burden of Liver Diseases and being part of the HPB /HLT units has brought the highest level of scientific multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
  • The gastroenterology department holds pride in performing the country’s first POEM Procedure for Achalasia Cardia, NOTES procedure, and several other Hybrid Lap assisted Endoscopic procedures.

Best Gastroenterology hospital in India

Gastroenterology Procedures:

Having the gastroenterologist in Chennai, GEM hospital continues to provide comprehensive care for the patients in need. Any problems with the digestive tract like diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, or rectal bleeding will be diagnosed and given optimal solutions by them after the physical physician fails to identify the problem. They also deal with an ulcer, piles, and even cancer tissues of the GI tract.

Gastroenterology procedures include a range of procedures specific to various ailments. Some of the non-surgical procedures include:

  • Ultrasound examinations for the analysis of the internal organs especially of those belonging to the GI tract
  • Liver biopsies for assessing any inflammation or the presence of fibroids
  • Colonoscopies for examining colon cancer or other colon issues
  • Small intestine analysis and Bowel examination for detection of anomalies

After the initial diagnosis through these non-surgical examinations, the core ailment is identified. After that, open surgeries or laparoscopic procedures are carried out for further gastro treatment purposes. Laparoscopic gastro methods at GEM has been carried out with impeccable precision and aids shorter gastro hospital stays with quicker recovery. GEM has also been providing comprehensive post-op care and ensures the complete recovery of the patients.

With a team of expert gastroenterologists in Chennai, GEM the best gastroenterology hospital in India has been providing impeccable therapeutic treatment procedures for conditions pertaining to the stomach, oesophagus, small intestine, colon, and the biliary system. Gastroenterologists aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions pertaining to the stomach, oesophagus, small intestine, colon, and the biliary system. You should consult a gastroenterology professional if you have any symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, pale stools, indigestion, darker urine, change in bowel habits, or rectal bleeding. The health conditions associated with these mentioned conditions primarily include ulcers, nutritional disorders, bowel related problems, pancreatitis, and gallbladder ailments. Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Stone Removal, Polypectomy, and Haemorrhoid Treatment are some of the procedures done for the cure. They have also been providing the best post-surgery care to ensure the long-term well-being of the patients. With the help of laparoscopic techniques, they’ve also been carrying out minimally invasive techniques for major digestive surgeries.

Gem Hospital | Gastroenterology Treatment

  • ERCP
  • BARIATRIC Endoscopy

Best Gastroenterologist in India

Coimbatore Branch

Dr. Juned Khan


Dr.C.G. Sridhar


Chennai Branch

Dr.B. Harri Prasad

M.D., D.M., (Medical Gastro)

Dr.D. Thennarasu


M.D., D.M., (Medical Gastro)

Dr.R. Vinoth Kumar


M.D., D.M., (Medical Gastro)

FAQ – Gastroenterology / Gastroenterologists

What does Gastrology mean?

The medical terms gastrology and gastroenterology are often confused with one another. Gastrology is a sub speciality of medicine which deals with the diseases and ailments associated with the stomach. Gastroenterology on the other hand deals collectively with the ailments pertaining to the whole of the digestive system.

Does a gastroenterologist do surgery?

Gastroenterology is a sub speciality of internal medicine and a surgeon specialising in this field will typically perform surgeries and endoscopic procedure pertaining to the digestive organs. They are also involved in liver transplantation procedures, bariatric surgeries for weight loss, colorectal surgeries and proctology.

What kind of procedures do gastroenterologists do?

Gastroenterologists deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions pertaining to the digestive system. The procedures they perform includes colonoscopy, endoscopy or ultrasound for preliminary screening tests of the GI tract and laparoscopic / open surgeries or transplantation procedures for treatment purposes.

What organs does Gastroenterology cover?

Oesophagus, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, rectum, anal canal, the bile ducts and other associated digestive organs come under the speciality of gastroenterology. The specialists of this field perform various procedures for diagnosis and treatment.

What organs does a gastroenterologist deal with?

Gastroenterologists deals with the extensive diagnosis and treatments of the conditions of the digestive organs including oesophagus, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, rectum, anal canal and the bile ducts.

What is the best gastroenterology hospital?

GEM hospital is one of the front runners with their entire facilities dedicated to gastroenterology services. Being Asia’s first and most advanced tertiary health care centre in the field of Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic Surgery, the hospital has been setting extremely high standards for years now.

Who is best gastroenterology surgeon?

GEM hospital has the best gastroenterology surgeons who go a step more than professional practice and take care of the patients through their acts of compassion. With expert surgeons and an experienced team, they have been offering the best services in Chennai and Coimbatore.

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