Radiology Department



Radiology Department has four full time Radiologists, all are well experienced in ultrasound, doppler, and CT reporting, also doing non vascular interventions and having more than 10 years of experience.

  • The department has state of the art 16 slice multidimensional CT.
  • Four high resolution ultrasound machines with transrectal, laparoscopic and endoscopic probes.
  • Liver elastography with ARFI in ultrasound.
  • 300ma X- Ray machines.
  • High end ‘C ‘ arm with DSA and Road mapping for angiography.
  • Portable ultrasound and X-Ray machines.
  • Well experienced radiologists with high resolution and quality machines lead to early diagnosis and correct treatment for the patient.
  • The department has undergone all quality assurance tests for radiation safety.
  • The Doctors are supported by well trained CT, X-ray technicians, nurses and support staff.


Dr. B. SRIKANTH MBBS, DMRD Radiologist
Dr. P. Kuppuraju MBBS, DMRD Radiologist
Dr. S. Devalatha MBBS, DNB, FIMU Radiologist
Dr. K. Vivekananth MBBS, DMRD Radiologist

Procedures that have been conducted in radiology department are

  • Digital plain X-ray including portable X-Ray.
  • Gastrograffin study to evaluate bowel leak.
  • Conventional procedure Barium Swallow, Barium Meal, Barium Meal follow through, Barium Enema, Fistulagrams, IVP, Small Bowel Enteroclysis.
    • Ultrasound abdomen
    • Doppler study of Abdomen, upper and lower Limbs and Scrotum.
    • Transrectal ultrasound.
    • USG contrast studies.
    • Elastography of liver with ARFI.
    • USG guided drainage procedure and biopsies
    • Intra operative ultrasound.
    • Laparoscopic ultrasound
    • Endoscopic ultrasound drainage procedure and FNAC
    • Liver transplant imaging

Plain and Constrast

  1. CT Scan of whole body
  2. CT Angiograms.
  3. CT guided procedures like FNAC and Biopsy
  4. USG guided Radio Frequency ablations of liver tumours.


Intervention radiology procedures like

  • Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage(PTBD) and stenting.
  • DSA study of abdominal vessels, stenting of stenotic vessels, coiling, embolisation of pseudoaneurysm, bleeding vessels.
  • Transhepatic chemo embolisation (TACE) and TIPS.
  • Liver biopsy, lung biopsy., coeliac ganglia blocks and radio frequency ablation (RFA) of liver tumours and secondaries are done under CT and ultrasoud guidance.
  • Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram
  • Intra operative cholangio gram.
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