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Press Release

The state chapter of IAGE (Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists) was conducted recently at Coimbatore on 21.10.2019.

Gem Vayiru 2.0 Expo

As a part of National Gastro Expo’19, GEM hospitals organized a medical exhibition with an objective of spreading awareness on healthy living and disease prevention. This Vayiru 2.0 was open to general public between Jan 18th and Jan 26th.

Hernia Expo News

For remarking the milestone achievement of twenty-five years in the field of laparoscopic surgery, GEM hospitals conducted a Hernia expo in the month of May.

Gem Hospital Patient safety

Everyone has a family member who has some medical issues — someone waiting to check his blood sugar levels, some waiting for their pregnancy ultrasound scan and others waiting for a surgery — the list is never ending.

Gem hospital Liver transplant

கல்லீரல் செயல் இழந்த சென்னையை சேர்ந்த 5 வயது சிறுவனுக்கு கோவை ஜெம் மருத்துவமனையில் கல்லீரல் மாற்று அறுவை சிகிச்சை மூலம் உயிர் காப்பாற்றப்பட்டது.