Laparoscopic Tubal Reanastomosis

Tubal ligation is a common method of contraception in our country, with many women undergoing this at a young age. Post tubal ligation, many reasons might prompt the woman to desire future pregnancy. Post sterilisation regret is up to 8%. The causes for regret are the death of a child, change in marital status, improvement in socioeconomic status etcetera. There are two options for conception, Invitro fertilization and surgical reversal of sterilisation.

Tubal reanastamosis is a surgical procedure which restores the patency of the fallopian tubes. The advantages of which are
1. It allows for multiple cycles of conception
2. Can go on to have more than one child.

Laparoscopic tubal reanastamosis delivers greater benefit to the patient by decreasing hospital stay, early recovery, better cosmetic results. It also has an advantage that it allows for better usage of microscopic principles with the help of advanced technologies such as 3 D with enhanced visualization and precision.

Detailed fertility workup is needed for the patient and the spouse.

The patient is made to walk and allowed to eat on the day of surgery. The patient is usually discharged in one day.

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