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The Department of Clinical Laboratory services at GEM Hospital, Perungudi, Chennai , offers round the clock services and it is committed to ensure good professional practices and compliance to applicable regulations to ensure the quality of operations in its testing, examination, and research services, using the state of the art diagnostic Equipments.

The scope of the laboratory services in Gem Hospital is to provide comprehensive services in the areas of- Clinical pathology, Haematology, Microbiology, Serology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Histopathology, Cytology and storage of Blood and Blood products.

Department Processes done
Clinical pathology All stool, urine and semen samples are analysed. The section has got a Urine Analyser, Dedicated Microscope and a Centrifuge.
Haematology Complete blood counts, coagulation studies, blood grouping and Rh typing , malarial parasites and microfilarial detection and peripheral smear examination are done in this section. Haematology Cell Counter, Coagulation Analyzer, Leishman stain is used to analyse samples.
Microbiology Routine Aerobic culture and sensitivity ,Water and Air Surveillance cultures Gram stain and ZN stain are done .
Molecular-biology Chip based Real Time Quantitative Micro PCR Analyser
Serology Routine tests are conducted manually by rapid card tests . Tests which are not done here are outsourced.
Biochemistry All routine biochemistry analyses Urine Chemistry parameters, Glucose, Liver function tests, Lipid profile, calcium, urea, uric acid, electrolytes, Arterial blood gas, etc….are performed using fully automated Random-Access Chemistry Analyser. Hormonal and other specialised Bio chemical assays are done. Special Tests are outsourced.
Histopathology Biopsies and specimens are subjected for processing and reporting. Special stains are performed when required.
Cytology Body fluids analysis and FNAC are carried out.PAP Smear examination is done.
Blood Storage Centre Blood grouping and Rh Typing tests are done. A, B, O, AB Blood Groups are Collected & stored from Mother Blood Bank (Victory Blood Bank) including Blood Components like Packed Red cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet Rich Concentrate and Single Donor Platelets also Leuko-depleted Red cells etc.,

The Laboratory is run by team of dedicated and experienced Laboratory Medical Consultants who are committed to
provide high quality reports that support patient care and by a team of well trained technical staff .