Heavy Bleeding During Periods

This is one of the very common symptoms among women, which is often neglected. It is common in all the age groups. It can be due to variety of reasons like hormonal issues, fibroids, adenomyosis, ovulation problems, endometrial pathologies, etc. Most of us presume this to be a part of normal menopause. Normal menopause should cause gradually decreasing bleeding (amount, duration and frequency of cycles). Whenever it causes frequent, irregular and unpredictable heavy flow, this needs to be evaluated as this might also be a warning symptom for uterine cancer. Not all heavy bleeding needs uterus removal. Most of those can be managed with medications or intra uterine devices, only those who fail to respond to these routine management steps will need uterus removal.

Services offered:
1.Office based endometrial sampling: (description to come when clicked)
Before subjecting a patient to any mode of treatment for heavy bleeding, endometrial sampling has to be done mainly to rule out any cancerous changes.

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