Fibroid Uterus

Fibroids are the most common tumours of the uterus. They are usually benign (non cancerous). The fibroid manifestations depend on the site of the fibroids. Not all fibroids need to be treated, as in asymptomatic or small fibroids. But some fibroids will lead to heavy bleeding during periods, painful periods, pain and heaviness of abdomen, fibroids palpable over the abdomen, sometimes they may grow to large sizes and cause compression of the urinary system leading to dilated ureters which may affect the kidneys at a later stage. Some fibroids have been implicated to be a cause of infertility. These fibroids need to be treated.

Asymptomatic fibroids and small fibroids needs only to be observed, yet they need to be followed with clinical examination and ultrasound as advised by the gynaecologist.(to come under observation)

A wide range of medical therapies have been used for our patients successfully, avoiding the need for surgery in symptomatic patients.(to come under medical management)

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