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Currently Working at GEM Hospitals, Chennai as Consultant Physician

Dr Srinivasan T V had completed MD in General Medicine from PSG Medical College, Coimbatore and has been practising as Consultant Physician in corporate hospitals in Chennai for the last four years.

He has vast experience in both communicable and non communicable diseases which includes infectious diseases, Diabetes and its complications, Hypertension, Heart disease, Thyroid disorders, Bronchial Asthma, COPD, Obesity, Kidney disorders, Alcoholic liver diseases, NASH, sleep apnea, Neurological disorders etc

His interests includes both Internal and preventive medicine.


  • Previously practised in Be Well Hospitals, T Nagar, Vijayaraghava Road as Consultant Physician and Medical Superintendent
  • Worked for MIOT International Hospital, Chennai as Consultant physician in the department Internal and Preventive Medicine.


  • Prospective study of correlation of clinical features,MRI Brain – MRA Intracranium, carotid vertebral arterial doppler study in ischemic stroke
  • Published in International journal of contemporary medical research June 2019