Corona Safety Initiative

GEM Patient Safety Initiative (GPSI)

As India Battles with the Corona pandemic as a society, Despite the lockdown we at GEM hospital have been evolving and adapting to the changing times. Covid has rewritten the rules of our lives. New words are added to our vocabulary like social distancing, hand hygiene, flattening the curve etc. Some Healthcare emergency and Interventions can’t wait for the lockdown period and our emergency services has continued unabated despite the lockdown. 

At GEM , we have always adapted and advanced to bring the best Services to the patients with the same care a father would pledge to protect his own family.Corona Pandemic is definitely a challenge to all of us but we have always been ahead in our understanding with proactive steps to being the best care as ever at GEM. At GEM , we have always adapted and advanced ourselves to bring the Quality  Services at its Safest best. 

 GPSI : is not a flash in pan knee jerk reaction, but rather a curated set of safety measures brought to you under the able guidance and leadership of Prof. C. Palanivelu and his team of doctors. 

This is a Three dimensional initiative of Patient Safety, Safety of healthcare workers  and Social Responsibility . 

The Gem Patient safety measures begin right at the moment of entry and triage with protective masks given to all patients and accompanying family members along with a scientific triaging system and temperature screening. 

The Entire Hospital operations have been segmented into IP and OPD services to bring the safest environment to all of you within the premises . 

The GEM way of Services continues with the added safety gear and precautions right from waiting area to OPD and Diagnostic responsiveness to bring the safest and Quality services. 

Separate Isolation areas awaiting the screening of Covid19, along with dedicated round the clock nursing staffs and Doctors with Highest safety precautions enables the Rest of the Inpatient areas as Safe Zones and ensuring every comfort just like Home. 

Emergency or Elective ! The Surgical interventions with  mandatory screening process for COVID-19 brings to you the fastest recovery in our Laparoscopic and Other Surgical interventions and significantly ensures Safety .  Last but not the least, The Social responsibility of GEM Hospital, stands rooted against the fight against this pandemic. Complete Free of Cost Tele-consults have been initiated for all the fellow citizens in this tough times of Lockdown across the boundaries.   

This “GPSI” initiative stands for one central cause. Ur Safety and Well being in the safest Hands of GEM Hospitals. JaiHind.

Protective measures of coronavirus

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