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In this issue of Gut Speak, here is dealing with the common term you’ve heard- but not fully aware of- Helicobacter Pylori. If you thought peptic ulcers in stomach and duodenum are mostly due to stress, improper diet pattern, NSAID (pain medications), smoking and alcohol, well, there is one other very important cause- a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori. World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed H pylori as a class I human carcinogen (cancer producing potential) which highlights the potential
Helicobacter pylori
Mrs. Riya was a 21 year old IT professional and was all excited to start her newly married life. But here is the problem- she has always had irregular periods. And adding to her low self esteem, she had been having issues with pimples and excessive facial hair growth that have not responded to treatments. And now her biggest fear is that she may not conceive as she gets her periods only once in 4
Colorectal cancer is cancer that affects the large intestine (colon) and rectum. It is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the US. When looking at India, the western world have a higher number of new cases, but surprisingly in last decade in India alsocolorectal cancer is increasing rapidly due to poor dietary habit, lack of physical activity, obesity, increased alcohol consumption and chronic smoking.  Now in India,colorectal cancer has been ranked 5th
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What is Fistula? Anal Fistula (Fistula in Ano) is an abnormal passage or a track (communication) between the interior of the anal canal or rectum and the skin surface. Rarer forms may communicate with the vagina or other pelvic structures, including the bowel, says  Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr S Srivatsan. Historical connotation of Fistula: The disease -anal fistula is as old as mankind. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates made reference to surgical therapy for fistulose disease. English
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